Tile & Stone Care and Maintenance

There are a few ways that you can protect your investment in your new floor. Below you will find some very simple, yet useful tips to do so.

1. Use door mats

We always recommend placing a door mat at your front entry because it helps decrease the amount of dirt, sand, grit that enters your home. this simple step helps your floors remain cleaner and also eliminates the probability of scratching your tiles. Thus,we also recommend using Mats at any other entry of your home and in any pivot point such as the front of your kitchen sink or stove.

2. Use a shoe rack

If you don’t mind walking around in your socks around the house, this is a very good option for you. Your floors may be hard, but they also wear and tear. meaning that if you treat them with care, they will keep their beauty for a longer period of time. so, instead of stepping on your floors with your rubbery shoes that may have small particles of sand attached to them, try walking on it with a soft surface like your socks.
3. Use felt pads on heavy furniture

Protect your tile by applying felt or any protective to the legs of your furniture.
4. Seal your grout & natural stone

Grout is very porous and will absorb any liquid that spills on it. Grout sealer is clear and will allow you enought time to clean up the mess before it penetrates deeper into the pores. Please keep in mind that it is recommended to seal indoor grout & stone at least once every three to five years and every year for exterior application. tile installed outdoors is exposed to all of the natural elements and the sealer will diminish at a faster rate than that of interior applications.